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I invite you to explore my portfolio of commercial photography work, some case studies that outline the more interesting projects I've completed, the many curated photo galleries that showcase some of my favorite pictures and videos, detailed overviews of the various services I provide, professional testimonials of my biggest fans, and a few personal bits about me. I sincerely hope you find my imagery to be captivating and inspiring and look forward to hearing about your project goals and how I can help you accomplish them. Feel free to peruse the faqs or reach out to speak with me directly for any reason whatsoever.

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We offer comprehensive commercial still/photography and motion/videography services for businesses of all types and sizes.

Case Studies

Examples of commercial photography told through the stories of real world challenges, clients and projects over a variety of industries.


Browse some of our favorite work across multiple categories, industries, and styles including architecture, corporate, food, product, lifestyle and aerial.







Search our portfolio of commercial photography and videography, from the pinnacle of the luxury and hospitality industry to small and medium sized businesses and everything in between.


We've provided commercial photography for some of the biggest names in the resorts & hospitality industry as well as a wide range of small and medium sized businesses in Las Vegas and internationally.


We place great value on the relationships we've nurtured with our clients and partners and love working with such incredible brands, businesses and talent. Read what others have to say about our elite photography services.

Byron David Mason
"I'm dedicated to my work and do everything possible to ensure your brand and business is represented to the highest standards."
Thomas Hart Shelby, Goat Rodeo
"After 30 years of taking professional photos, I can genuinely say that Byron is a bona fide photographer."
Jordan Shiraki, Shiraki Photo
"I've been working with Byron and his team for years and recommend them to anyone looking for world class photos."
Byron David Mason
"I'm dedicated to my work and do everything possible to ensure your brand and business is represented to the highest standards."
Thomas Hart Shelby, Goat Rodeo
"After 30 years of taking professional photos, I can genuinely say that Byron is a bona fide photographer."
Jordan Shiraki, Shiraki Photo
"I've been working with Byron and his team for years and recommend them to anyone looking for world class photos."
Mario Drezov, Shot Creators
"Byron is my favorite photographer to refer to others because I have 100% confidence that he will absolutely blow my client's mind."
Houston Crosta, Immersive AVI
"I legit ask Byron to shoot every project I do - he's that good."
Edmond Mondi, HHC
"Byron's photos almost single handedly launched our restaurant chain to the moon."
Mario Drezov, Shot Creators
"Byron is my favorite photographer to refer to others because I have 100% confidence that he will absolutely blow my client's mind."
Houston Crosta, Immersive AVI
"I legit ask Byron to shoot every project I do - he's that good."
Edmond Mondi, HHC
"Byron's photos almost single handedly launched our restaurant chain to the moon."


Byron Mason is a Las Vegas commercial photographer who provides professional photography and videography services for large multi-national resorts to small and medium sized businesses.

Byron has more than a decade of experience working alongside some of the elite photographers in the world – starting as an assistant and working up to producer and ultimately a photographer, Byron has honed his skills to become an industry expert with a specialty in high end architecture, food and product photography.

The company offers a range of services within their niche such as architectural photography for builders, designers and new constructions; food photography for restaurants, bars, lounges and retail packaging; lifestyle photography for resorts and hotels; product photography for fashion items, small product lines, electronics and beauty products; aerial photography for hospitality venues, golf courses and surveying.

Byron Mason Photography’s client list includes a range of notable organizations such as MGM Resorts, Hilton Worldwide, VICI Properties, Marriott Hotels, Trump International and many more, making them one of the top choices in Las Vegas when it comes to commercial photography.

Services are available at mid-range prices which makes them a viable option for marketing and branding departments, creative directors, designers and business owners.

With their quality products and services backed by years of experience in the industry, Byron Mason Photography is the perfect choice for all your photography needs.

Flexible Pricing

We understand that all photography projects are unique in needs and scope. We offer flexible pricing that can fit into any budget, whether it's a local studio shoot or a multi-day international production.

Small Production
*Still Production Assets
*Unlimited Licensing
Large Production
*Still/Motion Production Assets
*Unlimited Licensing
Advanced Equipment
More Crew & Resources
Lower Cost-Per-Asset
*Every client and project regardless of size or budget gets production ready assets with unlimited licensing for their marketing and advertising needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure if your project is a good fit? Schedule a free consultation.

What sets a “commercial photographer” apart from other photographers?


Commercial photography, as with any specialty, requires its own unique set of skills, abilities and experience. From balancing light to working with perspective it takes years of training and practice to perfect all the nuances of commercial photography.

One of the key differences between a commercial photographer and other photographers, such as corporate photographers, is their ability to capture images that effectively convey a message or tell a story that also matches the voice and tone of an existing brand.

Can I share the cost of a photoshoot with my partners?


If your project is a collaboration between multiple companies or organizations, you can split the hard costs of a production and pay usage/licensing fees just for the specific needs of your company. 

This is a great way to divide expenses and get the highest photography production for a fraction of the price.

Let me know if you'd like to discuss Cost Sharing or if your project involves any government agencies, NGOs, political affiliations etc.

Can you do aerial/drone projects? Are you licensed and insured?

Yes and yes.

I am licensed with the FAA, follow all airspace regulations, and carry full liability coverage for all commercial drone flights.

I also have experience with traditional helicopter-aerial projects for more specialized imagery or if we need to shoot much larger subjects like buildings, landmarks, etc.

If you're considering hiring us for aerial photography, please make sure you have considered location and permitting ahead of time, as many locales have specific rules and processes for booking a shoot.

Do I own the rights to the photos taken by a commercial photographer?

You, mostly.

Ultimately, it depends on the contract and agreement we make for your specific project.

Typically, you (the client) will have the rights to use the photos for your intended purposes, but we (the photographer) may retain ownership and have the right to use them in their portfolio or for future marketing purposes.

Note: ALL clients get a lifetime unlimited license to use the photos; ownership of the photos is based on client needs and budget.

Do you offer services aside from photography?


We offer additional services such as photo editing, retouching, graphic design, web design (we built this very website), SEO, social media management and more.

We also offer branding, marketing, and advertising consulting to help you create and maintain a cohesive visual identity.

Do you only work with large companies/resorts?


We love working with businesses of all sizes and understand the importance of all businesses of all sizes having impactful visuals to help them attract customers. We even offer specialized packages for startups or entrepreneurs on a budget.

How do I know I'm getting what I want/need? Can I be involved in the creative process?

Yes, you're the producer, I'm the director.

You (or your coordinator) can be involved in each stage of the process, from pre-production to the photoshoot and into post-production. During the actual shooting/filming, media can be shown on a monitor in real time so we all know we’re going in the right direction.

For those who prefer a more hands-off approach, we can schedule virtual a conference call over Zoom or Google Meet to review art direction, creative, model usage, etc.

How do you and your team work? What is the process?

One step at a time.

I have a simple 4 stage process, starting right here, based on the details you provide. (1) I’ll create an estimate tailored to your specific needs. (2) We schedule a pre-production meeting and arrange a location scout. (3) Take great photos, shoot awesome videos, and have some fun. Lastly, (4) Select final images/videos, retouch until perfect, and format for your specific use.

This entire process can be achieved in as little as 7 days or up to several weeks, depending on the size and scope of the project. However, the only way to ensure a project is completed within a deadline and budget is to assess a full scope of work in as much detail as possible. Visit my contact page to request a detailed estimate.

How long does it take to get my photos/videos?

10 days, generally.

Your photos and videos are typically delivered within 10 business days of the last shoot day. However, this process can be expedited if needed - don't forget to mention it when you submit your request for an estimate. Just remember... there's an age-old saying about quality, speed, and price... and while we strive to provide all three, it's usually the exception to the rule.

Note: More dynamic projects where post-production involves many decisions can take more time to deliver.

How many photos will I get?

As many as you want.

There are many factors that go into a shot count but I generally create 8-12 photographs per day of shooting. This yield depends heavily on the size and complexity of the project considering the styling, staging, lighting, models, permits/access, and other logistical needs.

For example, a mixed-day shoot with a few high value photographs and a package of social media / detail shots would provide more quantity, but overall less quality and vice verse.

When in doubt: Plan out your media needs ahead of time and we will ensure the most important shots are prioritized.

How much advance notice do I need to book a project?

2-4 weeks, generally.

Commercial photography shoots can take many weeks or months of planning and preparation with very tight running schedules and deadlines. By providing advance notice, it allows me to schedule and prepare for your shoot in a professional and reliable way.

I don't have a big budget, can I still get "big-budget" media? How is the pricing calculated?


Smaller businesses pay less. Larger businesses pay more.

The scope of use is a major contributing factor in how creative work is priced; a small startup will have less reach than a global corporation and thus pays less to license the same work.

I price projects based on the creative and production needs, in combination with the specific use of the imagery. In other words, while a small business may not have the marketing or advertising budget to book models, props, and large scale venues, the deliverables I provide will still match the technical quality and expertise of a large big-budget corporate production.

If you have concerns about budgeting, contact me and we'll discuss possibilities.

I don't understand, what makes commercial photography different from just hiring a photographer for a day?


While my aim is to make every final photograph look simple, natural, and effortless — that’s rarely the fact.

A well executed photograph involves balancing many factors such as composition, lighting, styling, blending and retouching, it’s a lot of problem solving that comes with experience.

In addition, commercial photography involves collaboration with clients, art directors, marketing teams, and other professionals to bring their vision to life.

I have a general idea of what I'd like, but want to leave the creative work to the professionals, is that ok?


While we always encourage your involvement, we are professionals and with a well thought out and detailed plan we can be left to do what we always do best.

Note: Even when a project is left to our team to make key art direction decisions, we may still request direct feedback from you if we're not 100% sold about a concept we're working on.

I have never hired a photographer before, where do I start?

Plan ahead.

Before inquiring, you should have a good idea of (a) how soon will you need the project done (b) whereabouts will the work take place and (c) what are some examples of what you want to achieve. It is also helpful to know who on your team will be the key decision maker/tie breaker, who will be the primary point of contact before, during, and after the shoot, and how much staff you have available to assist with the production process.

For the more detail oriented, feel free to review the AIA Best Practices Guide.

Once you have a good idea of what your project might look like, give me a call at or shoot me an email to continue the planning process.

My business has a "brand/look" that we want to maintain, can your content match what we already have?


I can take directive from examples of either (a) your current brand/look or (b) the brand/look you would like to emulate.

Just keep in mind, the more branding and identity you have already established, the clearer our objective as photographers will be, and thus the better the entire project will turn out.

What services do you provide? Can you service ongoing/recurring clients?

I make photos and videos. Yes.

I mainly work with resort and hospitality industries which includes creating photography and media of architecture spaces, food and beverage, product and retail, lifestyle and editorial and skilled drone/aerial coverage.

I also provide advertising and social media content to help support marketing teams and small businesses on an ongoing basis as well as other services that your existing teams can benefit from such as web development, digital advertising, SEO, among other related services.

What types of businesses typically hire a commercial photographer?

All of them.

Any business that needs high-quality visuals to promote their products or services can benefit from working with a commercial photographer. We work with a wide range of industries, including retail, hospitality, fashion, real estate, and more.

Where are you located? Can you come to me?

Las Vegas. Yes.

While I mainly serve resort and hospitality clients in Las Vegas, I accept projects from all around the world across a variety of styles including architecture, lifestyle, product, food and even construction projects.

Note: If travel is ever an issue, I'm happy to provide a photographer I can dispatch directly or consult with a local photographer in your area to help guide your project to success.

Why do I need commercial photography?


Today, people value their time more than ever and are making buying decisions faster then ever. Professional commercial photography can help businesses cut through the noise and effectively showcase their products or services in the best possible light, significantly impacting purchasing decisions.

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