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Simply + Modern is a Las Vegas based architecture and design firm specializing in eco-chic, mid-century, modernism.

April 9, 2023

Simply + Modern creates and builds eco-chic, mid-century, modern minimalist homes in Las Vegas, NV.

Obsessed with architecture, Simply + Modern wanted to team up with a photographer that shared their artistic vision and appreciation for the art.

Our goal was to build a library of content that explored the relationship of natural light and architecture, a crucial consideration of Simply + Modern’s builds. We wanted to create a comprehensive portfolio of each project that could be studied and enjoyed forever.

Simply + Modern's portfolio continues to grow with over a decade of work. Our content has been featured in a number of publications cementing Simply + Modern as celebrated builder of our time.

Our anticipation of a Simply + Modern shoot is overwhelming, all creations are not only architecturally inspirational but meticulously designed and furnished with carefully curated furnishings. Nearly every direction you point the camera produces portfolio driving content, its an architectural photographer’s dream. My biggest challenge on these shoots is leaving.



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Simply + Modern is an eco-chic, mid-century modern, minimalist home building team located in Las Vegas. With a passion for architecture and design, they hired us to help capture unique perspectives of their projects. The goal was to create a timeless portfolio that highlighted the beauty of their work and the intricate relationship between light and architecture.

As Simply + Modern’s projects continued to grow over the years, so did their library of content. Their photos have been featured in dozens of publications worldwide and are now studied by architects from all around the world. With the imagery we created, they have been able to immortalize each project in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and informative.

Our partnership with Simply + Modern has been invaluable – for both parties. Each project brings with it unique challenges that require creative solutions, which has enabled them to build an impressive portfolio.

What really sets this collaboration apart from others is the level of trust between our two teams. There’s no question that their work speaks for itself; however, there needs to be trust in order for a successful outcome. By having open conversations during planning and execution stages, we've been able to work together in a way that produces quality results.

The vast body of work we've created together showcases the beauty of mid-century modern design and is a true testament to the power of collaboration.