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Sanctuary is a Las Vegas based luxury furniture retailer that specializes in selling unique, limited stock, furnishings..

May 4, 2023

Sanctuary needed architectural photography to introduce their new business concept and attract customers to their unique and well-designed Las Vegas showroom.

Our goal was to document the interior environment in an enticing way, true to their namesake we wanted to show that this was a relaxing environment, an escape from the typical retail experience.

Sanctuary specializes in exclusivity and are constantly changing their displays, with regularly scheduled productions, we are quickly developing a valuable portfolio that truly sets Sanctuary apart from their competition.

With this imagery Sanctuary has started creating buzz around town, quickly gaining a reputation as the place to go for the most eye-catching, exclusive, luxury furnishings.

Through my architecture photography I have gained an appreciation for fine furniture and Sanctuary was an exciting opportunity to shoot specifically for a high-end furniture retailer. Sanctuary specializes in exclusivity and are constantly changing their offerings, we didn’t want to feature any one set but rather capture the essence of the showroom as a whole, bringing in unique elements of the space.

I am thoroughly impressed with Byron's work. He creates exceptional photos that are so vibrant and beautiful from the framing, composition, picturesque settings, every item in the shots being placed intentionally and with care – loooooove!!! Thanks to his work, I'm able to professionally showcase my showroom on my website and in a way that makes my business come alive!

—Denisse Crosta, CEO, Sanctuary Designs



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Sanctuary Designs is a Las Vegas based luxury furniture retailer with a mission to provide their clients with unique, limited stock, furniture pieces.

To successfully launch their new business concept, they enlisted us to help establish a photography foundation for their long term branding needs. The goal was simple: document the showroom's interior environment in an enticing way that would attract customers and set Sanctuary apart from its competitors.

The first step was to capture images true to their namesake – creating a calming atmosphere that provided a distinct contrast from traditional retail experiences. Focusing on exclusivity and ever-changing displays, we quickly developed an impressive portfolio of work for Sanctuary Design’s website and marketing materials.

The results have been outstanding. Our imagery has helped create a buzz around town and Sanctuary Design’s reputation as the "go-to" place for eye-catching, luxury furnishings continues to grow. In just a short period of time, Sanctuary Designs has gone from an upstart business in Las Vegas to one of the city’s most exciting new furniture retailers.

This case study is only the beginning of our collaboration and as our partnership progresses, we look forward to seeing more great work and creativity that will no doubt continue to propel Sanctuary as a leading luxury furniture outlet.