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JD Stairs is a Las Vegas based business specializing in building custom stairs and other high-end metal fabrication work.

April 9, 2023

JD Stairs needed professional imagery for their website portfolio, social media marketing efforts and for submissions to national architectural design competitions.

Our goal was to professionally and convincingly demonstrate JD Stairs' luxurious, artistic and expertly handcrafted custom stair solutions.

Over the course of 5 years and more than 20 productions, we've created over 500 unique images highlighting the artistic creations of JD Stairs.

JD Stairs has since evolved from a small specialty fabrication firm to being recognized nationally for their expert metalsmithing work.

All of JD Stairs’ projects are top notch and often located in multi-million dollar residences. Special attention has to be paid to highlighting the quality in the materials and craftsmanship. Additionally consideration has to be put into the best time of day to shoot, many projects only allow for limited access so choosing the right time is a big part of getting the best result.



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JD Stairs is a custom fabrication and build solutions company located in Las Vegas, NV. They specialize in handcrafted custom stairs with luxurious and artistic designs. With the introduction of their website portfolio and social media marketing efforts, it was necessary to document their wide range of projects as well as submit media to national architectural design competitions. They needed help to achieve these goals and reached out for assistance from our production team.

Over the course of five years and more than 20 productions, we’ve created over 500 unique images that highlighted JD Stairs' expert fabrication and metalsmithing work. These images have been used on both the website portfolio and social media pages which helped to generate more sales and recognition for the company. They also used the images to enter national architectural design competitions which in turn earned them even more recognition and respect in their field of work.

With our content JD Stairs was able to increase their visibility both locally and nationally. What started out as a small custom stair fabrication firm has quickly evolved into one of Las Vegas’ premier builders. The portfolio, social media marketing efforts, product documentation, and media submissions were all key elements of success that helped propel JD Stairs to where it is today - a respected leader in the home design and fabrication community.

The success achieved by JD Stairs serves as an example of what can be accomplished when you combine creative thinking with hard work. Although our production team played a vital role in this success, it was ultimately JD Stairs' dedication and passion for their craft that made it possible to reach the heights they have achieved today.

It has been amazing to see the growth that has occurred over the past five years, and I can only imagine what will come next as JD Stairs continues down its successful path.