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Iconisus Forged is a Las Vegas based manufacturing and design company specializing in high-performance exotic car wheels.

April 9, 2023

Launching with 21 unique custom wheel designs, Iconisus looked to us to photograph the entirety of their catalog and launch them into the industry.

Our goal was to create perfect product shots of their very difficult to photograph gloss, chrome and polished wheel options on simple backgrounds for a variety of marketing uses.

Over 2 shoot days in the studio we were able to capture all wheel varieties with perfect symmetry, lighting in multiple angles and positions highlighting all the features and intricate details.

Iconisus has successfully used the imagery across the entirety of their e-commerce site and the business continues to gain speed.

Iconisus Forged Wheels are probably the most technically difficult shoots I’ve had in my career. Many of the wheel finishes were in black gloss and chrome and essentially act like curvy, concave mirrors. We had to build a black-out studio within the space to control all reflections, it required all my skills to achieve the high quality imagery we produced.

Working with Byron is a fantastic experience. He goes above and beyond to capture every detail possible and can spend hours perfecting the lighting for just a single shot. I attribute much of our early success to Byron's photography and he's pushed us to grow faster than we ever expected.

—Houston Crosta, CEO, Iconisus Forged Wheels




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Iconisus is a custom wheel manufacturer with a full line of unique designs. They approached Byron Mason Photography to capture the entirety of their catalog with perfect product shots on simple backgrounds for marketing purposes. The project was extremely challenging due to the difficulty of photographing gloss, chrome and polished wheels options.

Our team was up for the challenge though, and over two shoot days we were able to take images that captured all 21 varieties from multiple angles and positions highlighting all the intricate details.

We used carefully planned lighting techniques to ensure every image looked stunning yet professional at the same time. Afterward, Iconisus successfully used our imagery across their entire e-commerce sites and the business began to accelerate.

The success of this project is proof that a combination of careful planning, creative lighting techniques and professional photography can bring even the most difficult projects to life just as intended. The studio product shots we created for Iconisus Forged Wheels are a great example of how our team always strives to get the best results possible for every single client.

This collaborative effort was extremely rewarding for everyone involved in the process and are proud that our work made such a huge impact on their business, helping them achieve greater success by marketing their products more effectively.