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Greektown Casino Detroit is a luxury high-rise Hotel and Casino in the heart of Detroit’s historic Greektown district.

April 9, 2023

Greektown Casino was undergoing a change in branding and needed a complete overhaul of their content library.

With an expansive property and countless services, food and entertainment options, Greektown needed a photographer that could work in harmony with their existing production team and produce a large quantity of professional content efficiently.

Our goal was to capture energy and excitement while at the same time featuring the new spaces and decor. Additionally we styled and photographed hotel rooms direct and 3rd-party booking engines.

Our work has been featured across the entirety of Greektown’s website, as well as in print and billboard ads displayed across the Tri-cities area.

We needed to plan and remain prepared to maximize our time with the talent while keeping in consideration our collaboration with the video production team, we had to maintain communication at all times so everyone could get what they needed from each scenario. Ultimately our two teams worked together almost seamlessly and the client was very happy with our results.



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Greektown Hotel & Casino is an iconic and luxurious hotel located in Detroit, Michigan. The hotel was undergoing a change in ownership and branding and required a complete overhaul of their content library. In order to capture the energy, excitement and fun of their new look, they hired us for a comprehensive lifestyle and hospitality photography shoot.

We were tasked with creating commercial grade content to be used on the website as well as digital billboards throughout the tri-cities region. To make sure all areas were adequately covered, our team worked closely alongside the existing video production team to ensure everything was up to par. Our work featured lifestyle shots of all areas of the hotel including restaurants, entertainment venues and hotel rooms.

Our content was used on Greektown’s website, print and billboard ads throughout the Detroit area. Even with ongoing rebranding efforts in full effect, our work still continues to be a timeless tool for their marketing efforts.

This project is an example of our expertise when it comes to creating high quality commercial grade content for a hotel and casino. We understand what kind of imagery captures the essence and atmosphere of a brand and are proud to have been part of the rebranding of Greektown Hotel & Casino.