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Entrada at Snow Canyon is a luxury golf club, resort and private community located in scenic Saint George, UT.

April 9, 2023

Entrada was exploring a new directed marketing strategy and needed updated content across the entirety of their website.

Our goal was to capture a collection of lifestyle photos to highlight the club’s numerous services. Additionally we were tasked with capturing all room types for the Inn and Resort as well as aerials.

Over 4 total shoot days we traversed the entire property covering a variety of subjects like golf, dining, swimming, pickle ball and fitness classes. Additionally we spent 2 days styling and shooting room types and spaces.

With the new catalog of imagery Entrada has been able to populate nearly every corner of their website attracting new members and residents every day.

It was an honor to shoot at Entrada at Snow Canyon, the resort is beautiful and the scenery is world class. It was a challenge using real members as models but their community is strong and everyone was easy to work with. After the lifestyle shoot, we were brought back to shoot the room types, it’s extremely rewarding to see your work used across the entire scope of a thriving property.



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Entrada at Snow Canyon, 4-star golf club, luxury resort and private gated community located in scenic Saint George, UT, had a new marketing plan to increase the visibility of their website. To do this, they commissioned us to capture hospitality and lifestyle content that showcased the many amenities and offerings that Entrada has to offer.

Over two shoot days we captured images of all aspects of the property; from golf courses and swimming pools, to fitness centers and dining options. We also spent two days styling and photographing all room types at the Inn. With these new images, Entrada was able to create an extensive website that increased their visibility both online and off.

The main challenge for this project was capturing images that showcased the beauty of the property and all that Entrada had to offer with the vibrant and natural settings. We wanted to make sure that we were able to capture every detail of the expansive property, so we spent an entire day scouting, styling, and exploring various aspects of the grounds.

The outcome was a stunning portfolio of imagery that accurately reflected what Entrada at Snow Canyon had to offer. This new content enabled them to showcase the amenities in an effective way that attracted new members, visitors and residents. The imagery also highlighted the natural beauty of Saint George and Snow Canyon which further increased visibility for Entrada.

Overall, the images we captured allowed them to create an aesthetically pleasing online presence that increased the visibility of Entrada in both online and offline realms. This project was essential for launching Entrada’s new marketing campaign, and it was a truly rewarding experience for both of our teams.