Tastemakers & Earthshakers: Notes from Los Angeles Youth Culture, 1943-2016

Vincent Price Art Museum, Los Angeles

October 15, 2016 - February 25, 2017

From zoot suits to sneakers, young people from Los Angeles have shaped their identities through aesthetics, ideologies, and diverse forms of expression. Tastemakers & Earthshakers: Notes from Los Angeles Youth Culture, 1943 – 2016 is a multimedia exhibition that traverses eight decades of style, art, and music, and presents vignettes that consider youth culture as a social class, distinct issues associated with young people, principles of social organization, and the emergence of subcultural groups.



Los Punks: We Are All We Have (official film trailer)

Punk rock is thriving in the backyards of South Central and East Los Angeles. A cobbled-together family of Hispanic/Chicano teens and young adults comprise the scene: bands, fans, production, marketing, and security interwoven into a sub-culture of thrash and noise and pits. The sense of belonging is palpable; emotional bonds fostered among good families and those broken, poverty and wealth, adolescence and maturity, with the music emanating a magnetic chorus for all to sing together. ‘Los Punks: We Are All We Have” is a documentary feature film honestly and sincerely portraying this vibrant ‘DIY’ community.

Currently on Netflix.